February 2019

How to migrate a server to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using CloudEndure 0

How to migrate a server to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using CloudEndure

Update 09/19 –Since I originally wrote this Article, AWS have bought cloudedure. At present this procedure is still valid for GCP customers, but there may come a day when GCP customers cannot use CloudEndure for Migrations In this blog post I will be migrating a Linux server from my home VM lab...


How to SSH directly to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Linux instance?

The GCP console interface is very useful, but sometimes you may need to directly SSH from your on-premise infrastructure. This is particularly common after you migrate a Linux server from your own premises to GCP as the Google Daemon which provides Google Cloud console access typically will not be installed....


Cloud Pub/Sub – Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Pub Sub is a fully managed real-time messaging service that can send and recieve messages between independent applications. There are several key concepts to pub/sub: Message: the data that moves through the service. Topic: a named entity that represents a feed of messages. Subscription: a named entity that represents an...

What is Deployment Manager on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? 0

What is Deployment Manager on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Deployment Manager is an infrastructure deployment service that automates the creation and management of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources for you. You can write flexible template and configuration files and use them to create deployments that have a variety of GCP services, such as Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Cloud...


Load Balancing – GCP

Global Load balancing and Regional Load Balancing [GLOBAL] HTTP(S) Load Balancing [GLOBAL] SSL Proxy Load Balancing [GLOBAL] TCP Proxy Load Balancing [INTERNAL] Network Load Balancing [INTERNAL] Internal Load Balancing Managed instance groups are a requirement of load balancing. No instance groups, no load balancer. This works hand in hand with...


Cloud Bigtable

This is a fully managed NoSQL database. Google uses BigTable for Gmail and it is great for IoT devices, its also goood for Ad Tech, Fintech businesses. BigTable replication services provide high availability, high durability and resilence in the face of zonal failures. Data is structured with a row key...


Cloud Datastore

Cloud Datastore is a database platform from Google which is used directly from applications using API calls – typically the Google App Engine. Data is replicated across multiple data centers and queries scale with the size of the result – basically it doesnt slow down even if there is extreme...


Cloud Spanner

Cloud Spanner is an RDBMS which is a strongly consistent, highly scalable database solution from google. There is an opensource version of Cloud Spanner available on GitHub called Cockroachdb. Google used Cloud Spanner for their entire advert revenue process, pay per click and costings. This shows how massively scalable the...

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