Cloud Spanner

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Google Cloud Spanner is an RDBMS which is a strongly consistent, highly scalable database solution from google.

There is an opensource version of GCP Cloud Spanner available on GitHub called Cockroachdb.

Google used Cloud Spanner for their entire advert revenue process, pay per click and costings. This shows how massively scalable the solution is.

Cloud Spanner is a Multiregional, fully SQL compliant (ANSI 2011) and horizontal scaling for reads and writes. The DB is encyrpted, uses audit logging and IAM policies.

All replication is managed by google in the background, and can be replication regional or multi-regional.

When would you use Cloud Spanner?

  • When you outgrown your RDBMS
  • When sharding for DB throughput
  • Need transactional consistency
  • Global data and strong consistency

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