What is Google Cloud Bigtable?

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GCP BigTable

This is a fully managed, highly available, and superfast NoSQL database available on GCP. Google uses BigTable for Gmail and it is great for IoT devices, its also good for Ad Tech, Fintech businesses.

BigTable replication services provide high availability, high durability, and resilience in the face of zonal failures.

Data is structured with a row key and column, columns are then arranged into families.

Processing is separate from the storage abstraction layer (Colossus File System), traffic is load balanced to the Bigtable nodes. The LB is intelligent and knows the database index.

When to use Google BigTable?

BigTable is great at storing huge volumes of structured data. Google uses it in-house to scale into the petabyte range. According to the book Cassandra: The Definitive Guide, Google Bigtable is used for major Google services including Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Finance, Orkut, Personalized Search, and Google Earth. Bigtable runs on top of the Google File System (GFS).

Here are some of the key reasons when to use BigTable:

  • Storing > 1tb of structured data
  • Very high volumes of writes
  • Continuous sreem if data
  • Hbase API compatable

BigTable vs BigQuery

The major differences between BigTable and BigQuery are:

  • BigQuery stores data in columns (great for large table scans)
  • BigTables stores data in rows (optimzied for small reads & writes)

Which product you use will depend on your use case. It is best to perform benchmarks on sample data to learn which works best with your data structure.

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