Multi-Regional and Regional Cloud Storage – GCP

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GCP cloud storage is petabytes in size, and almost infinitable scalable. NFS attached object storage is used and is used for unstructured data.

  • Multi-regional – each file replicated to at least 3 regions within at least 100km of each other. This happens automatically in the background
  • Regional – stores within zones within a single region

All objects are encrypted at rest or by the Google KMS service. Non-google keys can also be used by creating and editing a .boto file

Important notes to remember

  • You cannot change from Multi-Regional cloud storage to Regional cloud storage – however, amendments to every other storage class is possible
  • Each objects in a bucket storage class can be can be changed by lifecycle. This means that individual files can have different storage classes.
  • Charged for bulk changes like ACL changes can be expensive
  • Object storage has flat namespace (folders are prefixed to file name /SYSTEM/TEMP/File.txt – there is no folder structure as such
  • Cloud Storage can be managed by GSUTIL on SDK or via the GCP web console
  • Access Control is provided by default in IAM
  • There are 3 main roles that can be used : storage object admin/viewer/editor
    • ACLs are used to specific access to a file (Who, can do, What) – there are a number of predefined ACLS
    • Signed URL – anonymous downloads
    • Signed policy – anonymous uploading
  • Versioning can be enabled – get version ID attached to file name

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