Stackdriver – GCP Resource Monitoring and Logging

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Stackdriver is an integrated monitoing tool for GCP and AWS. It monitors a number of metrics and can be used to trigger warnings.

Stackdriver should be used for all your projects, use it as as “single pane of glass” – all your projects link to a single stackdriver account.

Works with 3rd Party Tools – Slack, Splunk, Pager

The monitoring capabilities include : healthchecks, ping checks, uptime reports, latency reports.

Most google native products such as App Engine, Kubernetes engine have stackdriver metrics configured automatically, all other instances will need the StackDriver agent.

Stack Driver logging needs to be enabled to get support from Google. Stackdriver can group monitor of instances, such as total webserver monitoring.

It is important to separate prod and dev stackdriver logging to get a real overview of what is happening on the infrastructure.

The Free version of Stackdriver logs for 7 days

The Paid version of Stackdriver logs for 30 days

Logging can be exported to Cloud Storage , BigQuery or Cloud Pub/Sub. You can also use Cloud DataLab to visualise data.

Error reporting is an automatic process provided by Google, which sends known errors in your stack to the error reporting tab.

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