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Azure Migrate – How to migrate VMware workloads to Azure

PART 1 – Migration Planning and Migration Assessment Migrating Production workloads is a big task. One that requires planning and consideration. Planning Planning Planning. It is so important. You cannot just lift and shift workloads into Azure, technically you can, but professionally it is a bad idea. Azure is expensive,...

Kusto Query Language

KQL – The Kusto Query Language

The Kusto engine is a query language created by Microsoft. I use it day-to-day primarily for Azure Monitor log queries. This blog will focus solely on Azure Log Analytics. KQL also works well with: Azure Log Analytics Azure Application Insights Windows Defender ATP Azure Security Center Machine Learning Microsoft provides...

Grafana: How to configure SSL HTTPS in Grafana

Here is a quick guide to configure self-signed SSL certificate for Grafana, allowing you to browse to a https://your_grafana_server:3000 Requirements: root or sudo root privileges Create an SSL Certificate Next, generate a certificate signing request Next, Output the certificate Note: If you type ls -l you will see your certifcates...

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