Google App Engine (GAE)

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Google App Engine (GAE)

Google App Engine is a fully manage microservices platform available in standard and flexible offerings. It is a :

  • Serverless Environment
  • Supports all main languages like Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, .Net, Ruby and Go
  • Open Platform
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Monitoring, logging, Diagnosis
  • Application Versioning
  • Elastic Computer
  • Auto-scaling

How to Deploy GAE

Deployment is from the Google SDK or Cloud shell using:

Gcloud init

Gcloud auth login

Gcould app deploy

Traffic Splitting

  • Works with LB
  • Split traffic to different versions

GAE Microservices

, Google App Engine (GAE)

GAE Scaling

  • Manual scaling
  • Auto-scaling – due to latency, CPU etc
  • Scaling controlled by app. yaml

GAE Limits

  • Max services per application = 5
  • Maximum versions per application =5
  • Maximum instances per vision with manual scaling = 20

GAE Engine Types

Flexible environment

    • Dockerized container images
    • Docker Image or docker file
    • Infrastructure customization
    • Custom Libraries
    • SSH for debugging
    • Deploy OWN docker containers
    • High Performance and can customize compute specs
    • Instances are health checked
    • Automatic locates to geography
    • Underline infrastructure managed by google
    • Always have ROOT access to VM instances

Standard environment

    • Pre-defined runtime
    • Libraries that support App Engine API
    • Cannot customise environment
    • Auto-scaling for demand – not able to customize

GAE Features

, Google App Engine (GAE)

Figure 7-

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