July 2019


How to automate visio diagrams from vcenter data

I had to share this awesome script I found on Github. All credit goes to: Direct Link – https://github.com/Tony-SouthFLVMUG/vDiagram2.0 It took about 20 minutes to audit and diagram 3 ESXi hosts with about 90 VMs. This was completed on an i5 Lenovo laptop with 8GB RAM Pictures

How to upgrade SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2017 0

How to upgrade SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2017

Upgrade SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2017 author(s) : Richard Bailey Pre-Requisites SQL Server 2017 media (licence if applicable) x64 Bit Operating System and if upgrading must have existing 64bit SQL Server instance. SQL Server 2017 supports upgrade from the following versions of SQL Server: SQL Server 2008 SP4...


Restarting Websphere (WAS) infrastructure services after a reboot

To restart the Websphere (WAS) infrastructure services after a reboot, the following credentials are necessary for the four stages : WAS CONSOLE PATH: https://Websphereservername:9043/ibm/console/logon.jsp -username wasadmin -password your_password Red Hat Linux -username root -password your_password 1. Start the deployment manager Ssh into the server using the Red Hat credentials above...


How to Install RSA authentication in Linux

RSA Authentication – LINUX Service has been installed and tested on RedHat 6.9 (Santiago), RedHat 7.3 (Maipo) and CentOS 7.4. This service allows for two-factor authentication using an RSA passcode and user password. Installation Pre-requisites: An account, typically a domain user, will need to be available for access, in the...

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