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Ready-made business solutions, Premade APIs, AutoML, BigQueryML, AI building blocks: ML on GCP

The ability to make informed and data-defined decisions is having a huge impact on modern business. Data is quickly becoming the most valuable commodity around, and harnessing the power of cloud computing to unravel billions of lines of unstructured data will give a business a distinct advantage over its competitors.

Machine Learning is driving innovation in the workplace, and Google Cloud’s Machine Learning solutions are powering this change through AI and advanced analytics. The ML on GCP suite adheres to a framework called Explainable AI. This process can demonstrate to stakeholders what is happening during the decision-making process, resulting in improved trust between the client and the solution.

ML on GCP Enhanced Applications Are Ubiquitous

Data Science is a key growth area in the workplace and businesses in all industries are learning the benefits of going all-in on data. AI/ML has traditionally required a lot of skill to do well, but these barriers are breaking down rapidly for ML on GCP. Google Cloud has large ready-to-use libraries, hardware, and software stacks available directly from the Cloud Console.

Google Cloud is famous for providing a user-friendly experience, which is refreshing considering that other cloud providers’ AI solutions typically require teams of expensive data scientists to operate effectively. While GCP has advanced options, it is hard to overlook the appeal of the numerous ready-made ML business solutions available out of the box.

ML is quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life, the playlists you listen to on your commute are generated by ML algorithms, and the sat nav has routes planned via an intelligent API. It is an essential part of everyday business and those who do not invest in the technology will likely lag behind the competition.

Google Is A Major Investor in ML

A significant number of existing Google products are infused with ML, and GCP’s future roadmaps have AI/ML at the core of all its products. Via GCP ML solutions anybody can harness its power to achieve great results.

ML requires a lot of data and BigQuery is Google’s primary data warehousing solution. 

BigQuery is blisteringly quick when handling huge volumes of structured or unstructured data. BigQuery powers the search capabilities on some of the world’s most in-demand, data-intensive websites, such as YouTube, HSBC Bank, and Spotify.

ML on GCP Solutions

GCP has many ML solutions to discover, solutions that target industry-specific end-to-end solutions. Boost sales with the Recommendations API, impress your customers with the Retail Search data solution integrated into your website, improve manufacture quality, and out with the Visual Inspection AI.

With the GCP Contact Center, AI trains automated agents to answer everyday questions, such as what your opening hours are, freeing up your employees to deliver real customer service on more complex issues. How about leveraging Document AI to automate data validation from customer responses, questionnaires, and so on?

With BigQueryML you can execute ML models against your existing BigQuery datasets,  resulting in substantial time and cost savings. There is no need to waste time and incur egress charges by importing existing data. Anyone who knows SQL can work on BigQueryML, and it works with Jupyter notebooks, too, if you have a background in Python or Java.

Machine Learning is also great at making intelligent decisions about images, text, and videos. GCP’s AutoML is a no-code, low-code tool that provides predefined services that learn trends from your data. AutoML Image scans photos for object detection and image classification; it is used in Google Photos search results. AutoML text services can translate between languages or convert text from photos and other sources into editable text.

AI Building Blocks provides users with pre-trained and custom ML models that require minimal experience to use effectively. Google has started merging pre-made AI/ML solutions under a new Vertex AI offering. These services focus on natural language, conversation (text-to-speech) APIs, and structured data through the Recommendation and Cloud Inference APIs. 

Focus On Model Development Not On Infrastructure Setup

We have just scratched the surface of Google Cloud’s Machine Learning capabilities. Many of these tools do not require domain-specific knowledge to get started, little or no coding, and there is no need to care about how to organize, train, serve/deploy models. It is done automatically!

Machine Learning is experiencing unprecedented growth in an industry expected to be worth over $260 billion by 2028. ML can be applied to solve so many problems that it even played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ML-powered prediction modeling for future COVID variants helped to make sense of the intense amount of data generated by scientists and the global vaccination program. In business, ML has helped warehouses predict the demand for products during times of uncertain supply chains. Retailers now have a deeper understanding of their customers, and the customer is benefiting from targeted promotions at a time when many people’s finances have been impacted.

There is an ML solution for everyone, the hardest challenge is knowing what ML solutions are out there. You will be surprised at the ML routines available. To benefit from reduced iteration, reduced validation time (and enhanced cost control) users can discover the built-in GCP ML solutions in AutoML and GCP custom ML solutions. 

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