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Terraform Q&A

Top Terraform Q&A: Questions and Answers

This Terraform Q&A was created to answer the most common questions I am asked by colleagues and clients about Hashicorps Terraform. Terraform Q&A: What is Terraform Cloud? Terraform Cloud is a platform as a service (PaaS) that allows users to manage and orchestrate infrastructure changes using a single platform. It...

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How to manage Terraform State

There are many things to think about when creating and managing Terraform state. This article will review best practices for state files. Every resource you create is saved in the state file, so make sure you use descriptive names when creating variables. Therefore the Statefile is easier to understand. What...


Terraform Plan -Out File

I always seem to forget the Terraform Plan out command! Did you know you can save your plan to a file that your favorite text editor can read? If you try the default command in the man pages, the formatting is all over the place because of Terraform’s colors. Outputting...

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DevOps Guide to Important Terraform Concepts

This is an intermediate guide to the core Terraform concepts. If you can get your head around these core concepts, you will be well on your way to understanding Terraform. I have not included Terraform modules in the guide, modules are a big topic and I will tackle these in...