Everything you need to know about Amazons Relational Database Service – RDS

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Update (Rotate) RDS SSL Certificates

SSL/TLS Certificate Rotation Guide for Amazon RDS Amazon RDS CA certificates rds-ca-2019 are expiring soon. To maintain secure connections, switch to new CA certificates: rds-ca-rsa2048-g1, rds-ca-rsa4096-g1, or rds-ca-ecc384-g1. This guide outlines the steps to update your clients or applications and RDS certificates. Amazon RDS provides the following CAs to sign...

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Configure RDS Alerts Event Subscription AWS

This procedure will walk through how to Configure RDS Alerts in AWS using Event Subscriptions. Setting up event notifications in Amazon RDS using Amazon SNS topics, streaming data to Amazon Kinesis, and then forwarding those notifications to Slack. To Configure RDS Alerts requires a multi-step process. Here’s a detailed step-by-step...