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Install Oracle 19c Client on CIS RHEL.

A guide to installing Oracle 19c Client on a CIS Hardened Image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Are you looking for an unattended installation procedure? Check our other documentation here. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) produces many security-hardened images that embed several security features into a standardized build. Using...

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Grafana SSL – How to configure HTTPS

Here is a quick guide to configuring a self-signed SSL certificate in Grafana, allowing you to browse to: https://my_grafana_server What is Grafana? Grafana and Prometheus will give you a great solution if you need monitoring dashboards. Check out and to start your Journey. Want to create your own...

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Understanding Red Hat Permissions

This is an overview of everything permissions based. You will learn about How to find file and file system permissions There are a number of different ways to find out file permissions in Linux. Stat command One of my favourite Linux commands is the stat command. Stat – gives you...