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Advanced Jenkinsfile Techniques for CICD

Continuous integration and deployment are critical aspects of modern software development. They allow teams to rapidly iterate on their code and deliver high-quality software to customers faster. Jenkins is a popular open-source tool for continuous integration and deployment, and it offers a powerful feature called Jenkinsfile. In this article, we’ll...

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Jenkinsfile vs. Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkinsfile and Jenkins Pipeline are related concepts but have different meanings and purposes in the Jenkins ecosystem. Jenkinsfile is a text file that defines the steps of a single Jenkins job. It is typically stored in a version control system like Git alongside the application’s source code. Jenkinsfile allows you...

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How to Write A Jenkinsfile

A Jenkinsfile is a text file that describes the entire build process for a Jenkins Pipeline. It uses the Groovy programming language and defines a Pipeline’s stages, steps, and conditions. Think of it as an instruction book on how to run your code. It is best practice to manage your...