Install AWS-Vault on Mac

Protect AWS Credentials with AWS-Vault

AWS-Vault is a command line utility that helps you to store your AWS credentials securely. It encrypts your AWS credentials and stores them in a secure location. AWS-Vault is open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license. It is written in Python and is available for Linux, Mac OS X,...

Install AWS-Vault on Mac

AWS-Vault Mac: How to Install Vault on MacOS

AWS-Vault is a command line tool that helps you store and securely manage your AWS credentials. AWS-Vault Mac was created to make it easy to rotate your credentials and share access to your AWS account with teammates. This article will show you how to install AWS-Vault on Mac. To install...

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Use AWS-Vault to manage access to AWS

AWS-Vault is a great tool for securely controlling your access to AWS and is great when assuming or switching roles. For Example, if you need admin rights in AWS. It’s an awesome Github project. I will use macOS in this example, but the same process will work for Unix-based systems...