How to create a Virtual Machine in Hyper-V

Here is a very quick guide of how to create a virtual machine in Hyper-V

  • In the Hyper-V Manager, select New > Virtual Machine
  • Choose a Name for your Server
  • Choose a location for you Virtual Machine Config file

  • Select Generation 1 – This is mainly for compatibility reasons

  • Select the Amount of memory you want to assign to the server
  • If you want dynamic memory (memory that expands and shrinks as the server demands) select that here also.

  • Configure you network device from the drop-down menu. This will pick up your physical devices on your host hardware.

  • Choose Create a virtual Hard Disk and select the location and size

  • Next choose the media to install, in this example I am using a CentOS7 ISO image. Select the Install an Operating System from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM and then image file(iso)
  • Select the image by pressing the browse button

  • Now click Next and Finish and the VM will be created
  • Highlight the server and click start to start the VM.

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