Azure Migrate – How to migrate VMware workloads to Azure

PART 1 – Migration Planning and Migration Assessment Migrating Production workloads is a big task. One that requires planning and consideration. Planning Planning Planning. It is so important. You cannot just lift and shift workloads into Azure, technically you can, but professionally it is a bad idea. Azure is expensive,...


How to automate visio diagrams from vcenter data

I had to share this awesome script I found on Github. All credit goes to: Direct Link – https://github.com/Tony-SouthFLVMUG/vDiagram2.0 It took about 20 minutes to audit and diagram 3 ESXi hosts with about 90 VMs. This was completed on an i5 Lenovo laptop with 8GB RAM Pictures


How to increase server disk space on a VM utilizing vSphere Replication

Procedure to increase disk space on a server utilizing vSphere Replication One of the most common issues introduced by vSphere Replication is the inability to expand disk space on a server. This is a common task, which it is still possible to do, but you must approach it slightly differently....

VMware PowerCLI OneLiners 0

VMware PowerCLI OneLiners

Vmware PowerCLI One Liners These commands will save you a mountain of time, despite the formatting of this website they should all copy as single line commands. Find VMs powered off Get-VM | where {$_.powerstate -eq “PoweredOff”} | Sort-Object | get-harddisk | ft parent, capacityGB, Filename -autosize Find Vms CREATED...

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