Azure Migrate – How to migrate VMware workloads to Azure

PART 1 – Migration Planning and Migration Assessment Migrating Production workloads is a big task. One that requires planning and consideration. Planning Planning Planning. It is so important. You cannot just lift and shift workloads into Azure, technically you can, but professionally it is a bad idea. Azure is expensive,...

Kusto Query Language 0

KQL – The Kusto Query Language

The Kusto engine is a query language created by Microsoft. I use it day-to-day primarily for Azure Monitor log queries. This blog will focus solely on Azure Log Analytics. KQL also works well with: Azure Log Analytics Azure Application Insights Windows Defender ATP Azure Security Center Machine Learning Microsoft provides...


Google Cloud: “You do not have permission to create projects in this location”

Have you ever had the headache where you cannot create a project in your GCP organization. It can be extremely frustrating. Go to the google cloud console and make yourself an OrgAdmin, Owner, and ProjectCreator with these commands: gcloud organizations add-iam-policy-binding *myOrgId* –member=”user:m…” –role=”roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin” gcloud organizations add-iam-policy-binding *myOrgId* –member=”user:[email protected]” –role=”roles/owner” gcloud...

Create a complete environment in GCP using the GCLOUD shell 0

Create a complete environment in GCP using the GCLOUD shell

This article is to show you how powerful the GCP gcloud shell command prompt is. You can use it to create an entire environment without ever having to log into the GCP web console. Here we will create a Load balanced compute engine cluster. Create environments in cloud shell First...

Auto-Scaling in GCP 0

Auto-Scaling in GCP

Auto-Scaling is the ability for the Google Compute Engine to scale up or down dependent on a health policy. The most common use is to scale up when demand on a server spikes up. The Policies that define Autoscaling healthchecks are: Average CPU utilization HTTP load balancing service capacity Max...

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