VMware Appliance – unable to log in error

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I encountered a really strange problem today when i could not login to my vCenter appliance. I know the password and the user account, but i was just getting this error:

unable to log in error

Now I was 100% certain of the password. To confirm I logged into the appliance via SSH with the exact same credentials. As you can see, SSH was working fine. How Wierd!

credentials working fine via SSH

The cause of this error was that the applmgmt service was not running

service-control --status
[email protected] [ /var/log/vmware/applmgmt ]# service-control --status
lwsmd pschealth vmafdd vmcad vmdird vmdnsd vmonapi vmware-analytics vmware-certificatemanagement vmware-cis-license vmware-cm vmware-content-library vmware-eam vmware-perfcharts vmware-pod vmware-postgres-archiver vmware-rhttpproxy vmware-sca vmware-sps vmware-sts-idmd vmware-stsd vmware-topologysvc vmware-updatemgr vmware-vapi-endpoint vmware-vmon vmware-vpostgres vmware-vpxd vmware-vpxd-svcs vmware-vsan-health vmware-vsm vsphere-client vsphere-ui
applmgmt vmcam vmware-imagebuilder vmware-mbcs vmware-netdumper vmware-rbd-watchdog vmware-statsmonitor vmware-vcha vsan-dps

To start the service simply type:

service-control --start applmgmt
[email protected] [ /var/log/vmware/applmgmt ]# service-control --start applmgmt
Operation not cancellable. Please wait for it to finish…
Performing start operation on service applmgmt…
Successfully started service applmgmt
[email protected] [ /var/log/vmware/applmgmt ]#

Now log into the vCenter Appliance

boom! it worked 🙂

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