RHCSA: how to configure NTP Network Time Protocol in Red Hat

This is part 9 of the Red Hat RHCSA mini series blog. In the chapter we will learn about NTP.

Time is incredibly important to a server, especially in production. Accurate timing is essential for logging & auditing. Some cloud integration tools will not work if the time is out of sync

NTP (Network Time Protocol)

NTP keeps servers synchronized with the correct time. NTP can use either network based servers, such as a domain controller, or it can point to online global time servers.

This server has the wrong time, and in the wrong zone. Lets fix this….

Set Time Zone

I live in the UK, So i need to set the time to Europe GMT

sudo timedatectl set-timezone Europe/London
The TimeZone and Time have now automatically been updated

To view the time on another server, such as an enterprise domain controller use the –host operator (You will need to provide user credentials)


crony.d is daemon that manages time

systemctl status chronyd
chronyc tracking
chronyc sources
chronyc sources -v

To manuall edited the Chrony configuration, edit the chrony.conf, here you can set a time server on the internal network

sudo vim /etc/chrony.conf

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