How to install CentOS 7

How to install CentOS 7

Here is a quick guide of how to install CentOS 7. I am doing in using a Hyper-V virtual machine. If you need help creating the Hyper-V Virtual Machine – Click Here

Check you have mounted the CentOS media to the virtual Machine. Under the Virtual Machine settings you will see if on the Controller. (see picture below)

Power on the Virtual Machine and the CentOS 7 ISO image will boot

Press Enter to Install CentOS 7

Choose your regional Language and Keyboard settings

Next choose the “Installation Destination” button and select the primary disk partition you want to install CentOS on to

Once completed, press done and then from the main installation page select Network and hostname.

Press the ON button to enable networking.

Next, change the hostname in the box at the bottom left to whatever you want to call your server.

Next, configure the Network by Pressing the Configure button

On the Network Configure tab, I recommend first disabling IPV6.

Click the IPV6 Settings button and choose ignore from the drop down menu

Next, select the IPV4 Settings button and select Manual from the drop down menu

Input your IP Address, Netmask (usually /32 or /24) and you network gateway.

If you have any DNS servers enter them here as well

Once that has completed the Ethernet page should show connected. If you have any issues check you have entered the correct details for your own network set up.

Back on the Main Page click Install

You will be asked to set the Root Password which CentOS installs in the background

Click on the Root Password and enter a strong password

If you want to add a user, you can do this here as well

Next, sit back and let the Operating System install

Upon completion, you will be asked to reboot the server and it will boot into the shell.

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