Here is a quick procedure of how to install Windows Server 2012 R2.

You will need a Server or VM and a copy of Windows Server 2012 R2. Here I will install the operating system and also configure the server to my requirements in the post configuration section.

  • Onfirst screen presented – Change “Time and Currency format” to “English (United Kingdom)” – Next

  • Click “Instal Now”

  • Select “Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (Server with a GUI) – Next

  • Accept Terms and conditions – Next

  • Select “Custom:Install Windows only (advanced)

  • Accept default drive – Next

  • The Installation will proceed

  • Enter Password


Post Installation

  • Logon to server

  • Enter Password – enter
  • Open Server manager

  • Select “Local server”

  • Click “Disabled” next to “Remote desktop”

Select “Allow remote connections to this computer”

  • OK
  • OK to accept RDP settings
  • Open CMD box – ipconfoig/all to find ip address.
  • Click “Public On” next to “Windows Firewall”

  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Turn off firewall for Private, Public & Domain.

  • RDP to server.

Initial Configuration Tasks

Provide Computer information

Activate Windows – Product Key
Configure Network
Provide Computer name and Domain
  • Domain – Workgroup (Default)
  • Computer name – WIN2k12R2STD
Update This Server
  • Enable automatic updating and feedback
  • Select manually configure setting

  • Download and Install updates
  • Select this and run all updates to bring to latest state.
Customize This Server

Add Roles (as required)

Add Features (as required)C

Configure the IE Enhanced Security Configuration

  • Select “On” next to “IE Enhanced Security Configuration”

  • Set both to off – OK
Set DVD Drive as Z:
  • Using the server manager, expand storage and using the disk management tool change the DVD-ROM drive letter assignment to Z: